Apply For a Croatia Visa To Explore The Best Cities in Croatia

One of the most visited countries in Europe, Croatia, is home to some breathtaking landmarks and wonderful cities. Dubrovnik and Split are two of the most well-known and stunning tourist sites on the Adriatic coast, drawing thousands of visitors each year. You may have heard of them. While traveling with a Croatia visa London, there are plenty of additional treasures that you should not pass up. Here are a few examples:

Top 10 Best Places in Croatia

1. Karlovac

The ‘City on Four Rivers’ as Karlovac is known in Croatia is an interesting and unique place to visit, seldom frequented by tourists. In fact, only three rivers course through the city, with one other passing nearby. Flying under the radar, the historic city center is shaped and defined by its distinctive fortifications.

2. Slavonski Brod

Slavonski Brod, which can be found in Slavonia in the northeast of Croatia, is an amazingly pleasant city to visit, displaying a beautiful promenade along the River Sava. Do not forget to include Slavonski while on a trip to the country with Croatia tourist visa.

The magnificent Brod Fortress, which is in fantastic shape and is highly interesting to wander about, is the highlight of every vacation to the city. Try to travel there in the middle of June when the city celebrates the Brodsko Kolo Festival, a regional folk festival that showcases some of the local customs.

3. Zagreb

The capital and largest city of Croatia, Zagreb, is a must-visit destination with your visa to Croatia. It is a thriving, cultural hub with a long history and impressive architecture. The striking Gothic church, the vibrant Dolac market, the odd Museum of Broken Relationships, and the bustling Tkalciceva Street with its cafés and restaurants are all worth a visit.

4. Hvar Town

On the island of Hvar, Hvar Town, a chic and vibrant coastal settlement, is well-known for its seaside festivals, good eating options, and historical attractions. Discover the historic fortress that protects the town, relax on a neighboring island or beach, or take advantage of the exciting nightlife at the trendy taverns and clubs.

5. Mljet

The lovely and lush island of Mljet, located in southern Croatia, is a refuge for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Visit the Mljet National Park, which covers roughly half of the island and has two saltwater lakes, a church from the 12th century, and a Benedictine monastery.

Around this island, you may hike, cycle, kayak, or snorkel. Apply for Croatia visa Online now and visit this tranquil green island today!

6. Sibenik

One of the most magnificent cathedrals in the nation is found in Sibenik, a charming and historic city on the central Dalmatian coast. St. James’ Cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage site that showcases a blend of Gothic and Renaissance styles.

The city’s four strongholds may be explored, you can stroll along the waterfront promenade and take in the scenery, or you can take a boat ride to the adjacent Krka National Park or the islands of Zlarin and Prvic.

7. Varazdin

Varazdin’s lovely baroque structures are exquisitely ornate and opulent, and the city is peppered with a number of palaces, fitting for the former capital of Croatia.

Its historic centre is quite charming to wander through and is filled with lovely churches and museums that are dotted throughout the old structures. When you get visa for Croatia, immediately add Varazdin in your must-visit place.

The ancient castle is beautiful, not everything in the city is ancient because of the bustling student population that gives the streets a young atmosphere.

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8. Rijeka

Croatia’s most significant seaport is located in Rijeka, the third-largest city in the nation, which combines grandiose with gritty. The city’s older neighborhoods are interesting to visit, and the centre is dominated by Austro-Hungarian architectural styles, despite the inevitable urban sprawl that has followed its growth.

There are several museums in this city that explains the lengthy and diverse history of the city; Tsart Castle is one of special importance. Most tourists choose Rijeka, which is on Kvarner Bay, as a starting point for seeing Croatia’s islands, but if you stay longer, you’ll undoubtedly discover that it’s a finer town than it first appears to be.

9. Split

Split, the second-largest city in Croatia, is a wonderful destination with plenty of grace and charm and should top the list of must visit places when traveling with Croatia tourist visa. The white waterfront, which is flanked with palm trees and is located on the Adriatic coast, is lovely to stroll along, and the historic district, which is immediately behind it and has many historical landmarks, is equally captivating.

The city of Split, which was formerly Diocletian’s palace, progressively expanded from these enviable beginnings to become the Split we know today, but the palace’s ruins itself continue to be without a doubt the city’s top attraction.

Split is an exciting destination to spend some time since it has so many wonderful restaurants and pubs scattered around the historic alleys. It is more than just a tourist destination for many Croatians; it also serves as their home and way of life.

10. Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, referred regarded as “the Pearl of the Adriatic,” is a stunning Croatian city to visit. Dubrovnik’s breathtaking location offers for wonderful sight as its characteristic walls enclosing the charming old town jut out into the lovely blue seas around it. It lies at the foot of Mount Srd, which peaks above it.

A collection of old stone houses that are crammed close to one another with alluring small passageways snaking through them welcome you here with Croatia visa London. The region is full of little restaurants and bars that are hidden among its numerous historical sites.

In the country, it is without a doubt the most popular travel destination. Despite the fact that costs have increased as a result of the recent surge in tourism. A visit to Dubrovnik is a must on every Croatian vacation.

How To Apply For Croatia Tourist Visa To Explore These Amazing Cities?

You must complete and submit the online Croatia tourist visa application form in order to apply for a visa the UK; the rest will be taken care of by our professionals. Here are the steps to follow to apply for the visa:

Step 1. Determine the kind of short-term visa for Croatia that you need. Croatia Schengen visa come in different forms depending on your reason for visiting Croatia from UK.

Step 2. Pick the ideal time to submit your visa application for Croatia. You can apply for a visa as early as six months before your desired trip and latest is at least fifteen working days before you’re planning to depart from the UK.

Step 3. Complete and submit the Croatia visa online application form.

Step 4. Collect all the necessary documents.

Step 5. Schedule a Croatia visa appointment at a Croatian visa application centre in the UK. 

Step 6. Attend the interview on the scheduled date. Arrive on time and try to calm. Keep in mind that the interview is the important aspect of your Croatia visa application.

Step 7. Pay your visa fees.

Step 8. Wait the embassy to decide on your Croatia visa application.

Croatia Visa Documents Checklist

Following is a list of the documents required for Croatia tourist Visa:

  1. Passport valid for at least three months post holidaying in Croatia with minimum 2 blank pages, not more than 10 years old while requesting a visa.
  2. Photocopy of each page of the current passport as well as recently expired passport.
  3. In case the minor is traveling with either of the parents, authorization from the other parent.
  4. A copy of the passport of each parent.
  5. In case the minor is traveling with guardian, authorization from both parents.
  6. A fully completed visa application including the signatures of both parents.
  7. Two passport-sized photos that are no more than six months old, glossy finish, undamaged, & not created from scanned images. The photos should have a white background, no glasses, & both ears & the top of the head visible.
  8. A cover letter from the applicant stating the objectives of the itinerary & the departure date, as well as outlining the planned dates & the purpose of the trip. Details of any other accompanying member must be included in the cover letter. This includes family members, business partners, or friends traveling for the similar reason.
  9. A UK resident permit is valid for at least 30 days following the expiry of the visa. 
  10. In compliance with the EU legislation, travel insurance from an authorized insurance company. It must provide a least of 30.000 € in coverage, which must include repatriation, & must cover all risks anticipated throughout the duration of the stay inside the Schengen region.
  11. A recent original bank statement for the previous three months that is verified by the bank & clearly shows periodic income (salary transfer, yield, etc.)

Summing up

Now as you know about some of the fantastic cities in Croatia that you’ll definitely love like the other visitors do. Moreover, we have also provided information about how to apply for a Croatia tourist visa and provided a detailed documents checklist as well, so that you don’t have to keep juggling between different websites to gather the information. You are now all set to apply for a Croatian visa and start making your travel arrangements to this beautiful nation. Croatia is waiting for you already with its beautiful landscapes, rich culture, and friendly people. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore this amazing country with a Croatia visa in London. Apply for your Croatia visa now and get ready for a stunning trip!