How To Get Croatia Visa Appointment From London?

Croatia, with its stunning coastline, picturesque landscapes, and rich history, has become a popular destination for UK holidaymakers. And that is why many UK residents are applying for Croatia Visa Appointment from London

If you live in London UK and want to visit Croatia, you will need to obtain a Croatia visa. In this complete guide, we will walk you through the process of getting a Croatia visa appointment from London. And you will get professional assistance through Visa Experts from Croatia Visas. Want to know more? Let’s get started!

How To Quickly Get a Croatia Visa Appointment From London?

Croatia Visa Appointment From London

a. Fill out the Online Application with Croatia Visas:

To begin the Croatia Visa Application process, visit Croatia Visas and fill out the online application form. Provide accurate information regarding your personal details, purpose of travel, duration of stay, and other required information. Make sure to double-check all the provided details before submitting the application.

b. Submit relevant Croatia Visa documents:

Once you have completed the online application, gather the necessary documents for your Croatia Visa UK. These may include a valid passport with a minimum validity of six months, recent passport-sized photographs &proof of accommodation in Croatia. You may also need to submit travel itinerary, proof of sufficient funds to cover your expenses, and travel insurance. Ensure that all the documents are in the required format and meet the specified criteria.

c. Book a Croatia Visa Appointment from London through Croatia Visas:

Booking a Croatia Visa Appointment is a crucial step in the visa application process. Croatia Visas, as a professional visa agency, offers expert assistance in securing a visa appointment from London. 

All you need to do is fill the Online Croatia Visa Application and mention your preferred time slots. Our experienced team will quickly book the Croatia visa appointment from London for you. Simply visit the consulate or visa centre on the date of the appointment for basic formalities.

d. Get Croatia Visa from UK in just 10-15 days:

After attending the visa appointment and submitting all the required documents, relevant authorities will process your visa application. 

Typically, the processing time takes around 10-15 working days. Croatia Visas will keep you updated on the progress of your application and inform you once your Croatia visa is approved. You will receive your Croatia Visa UK and passport via post. Once you receive it, simply pack your bags and jet off to Croatia!

Croatia Visa Required Documents From UK

Croatia Visa Required Documents

To Apply for a Croatia Visa, applicants need to submit certain documents. Here are the key requirements:

  • Application Form: Submit the printed visa application form in its original format.
  • Passport: Provide the original, valid, and signed passport that meets the following criteria:
  • Issued within the last 10 years.
  • Contains at least two blank pages for visa purposes.
  • Valid for a minimum of 90 days beyond the planned return from the Schengen Area.
  • Previous Schengen Visas: If applicable, provide copies of any previous Schengen visas issued in the past three years.
  • UK Residence Permit: Include both the original and a copy of the residence permit. These should be either stamped in the passport or in the form of a biometric card. It must be valid for at least 90 days beyond the requested Croatia Visa validity.
  • Photograph: Submit a recent, colored passport-sized photograph that adheres to the following guidelines:
  • Taken against a light background (white or off-white).
  • Glued by the applicant to the application form.
  • Not older than six months.
  • Clearly displays all facial characteristics of the applicant without smiling or any damage.

Additional Documents For Croatia Visa

In addition to the above requirements, the following supporting documents are necessary:

  • Proof of Funds: Submit three months of UK Bank Statements that indicate the applicant’s name, address, and an end balance dated within the last month. The minimum balance required is £50.00/day of stay in the Schengen Area. It also includes outstanding accommodation and travel fees. Traveler’s cheques covering the necessary amount are also accepted.
  • Confirmed Return Travel Tickets: Provide return travel tickets that include the applicant’s name and details of travel to/from the Schengen Zone within the specified dates.
  • Travel by Car: If traveling by car, submit car registration and insurance documents, along with return travel tickets (ferry or Eurotunnel) containing the car’s registration number. If the applicant is not the driver, a signed and dated cover letter from the driver confirming joint travel and travel dates is required.
  • Proof of Accommodation: Present confirmed accommodation reservations (hotel, hostel, camping, etc.) indicating the applicant’s name, travel dates, and address. If the reservation is not under the applicant’s name, a joint travel confirmation letter from the person making the reservation, along with their passport/ID Card copy and passport signature page, should be provided. For group bookings, a list of all group members or mentioning their names on the travel ticket is necessary.
  • Travel Insurance: Obtain travel insurance that covers all risks, medical expenses, repatriation, and the death clause. The insurance should have a minimum coverage of EUR 30,000 and cover the entire duration of stay in Croatia and the Schengen Zone.


With Croatia Visas, you can easily get your Croatia Visa UK in just 10-15 days. Enjoy round-the-clock support from experts and step-by-step guidance. So, what are you waiting for? Get your Croatia Visa Appointment from London today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long in Advance Should I Book My Croatia Visa Appointment?

It is recommended to book your Croatia visa appointment at least 4-6 weeks prior to your intended travel date. This will allow sufficient time for document preparation, submission, and visa processing.

What is The Fastest & Easiest Way To Get a Croatia Visa?

Applying for a Croatia Visa through a professional visa agency like Croatia Visas can simplify the process, provide expert guidance, and ensure a smooth visa application experience.

Is travel insurance mandatory for a Croatia visa?

Yes, travel insurance is mandatory when applying for a Croatia visa. It should cover medical expenses, repatriation, and emergency hospital treatment for the entire duration of your stay in Croatia.

Can I extend my Croatia visa if I need to stay longer?

In certain circumstances, it may be possible to extend your Croatia visa while you are in the country. You should contact the relevant authorities or seek assistance from Croatia Visas for further information and guidance on the visa extension process.